History of the gigs:
  • January 2015, Marians Jazzroom
Some original words from Tom for all his fans:
January 13, 2015 : "Everyone who knows me from my home town of Buffalo, NY expected me to be working as a jazz pianist in a trio or quartet setting.

My dream since I was 7 years old was to get as proficient on the piano as Oscar Peterson and travel the world known only as Tom Schuman, jazz pianist.

Of course, I was too young to know how daunting that aspiration was. Fortunately, my parents were able to provide me with classical piano and jazz theory lessons from the best teachers Buffalo had to offer.

As a teenager, I started playing trio gigs as well as with local sax, trumpet players and singers. I also played in a pop band which did many club dates on a weekly basis.

Everybody knows my career really took off when I decided to join a local fusion band called Spyro Gyra. I found out that I was more interested at the time in playing all styles of music on as many keyboard instruments as I could get my hands on. 40 years later, I also found out how incredibly loyal and faithful I am.

Now that I’m getting older, those early roots of jazz are once again tugging at my coat tails. The opportunity to play at a prestigious jazz club in Switzerland sealed the deal for me. It’s time to get back into playing in an acoustic trio setting.

I am excited to be playing with top shelf musicians like Lee Pearson and Raetus Flisch. This will be both a fun and challenging gig for me! I hope to see you all there."


© - 2015 by Tom Schuman and Kai Bruecher